Your Questions

Can I assemble it alone?
Luckily yes, it takes about 20 minutes, although regular users take far less time before hitting the water.
Can kids sail it alone?
Tiwal is so easy to sail that it is an excellent boat for kids to learn on. With the 56 sq. ft. sail, kids can handle it easily, under the supervision of an adult, of course.
Does it resist sunlight?

The hull is treated anti-UV. If you do store your boat outside, we recommend you protect it with an anti-UV cover, available on the site. In general, never expose your boat to very high heat.

How do you inflate it?
You need two pumps (they are supplied with the boat): one low-pressure electric pump that inflates 80% of the hull in just a few minutes, and a 2nd manual pump to bring the pressure up to the recommended 11 PSI (0.75 bars). To check the ideal pressure, just follow the pressure gauge on the pump.
How does Tiwal perform?
With a maximum recorded speed of 10 knots, Tiwal provides great surfing thrills, especially sitting on the wings above the water. The daggerboard means it can sail upwind as well as other dinghies.
How long does it take to assemble?
It only takes about 20 minutes. Sometimes even less; the framework is easily clipped together. The record to beat for one person is 10 min. 41 sec.!
How many people can sail on board?
2 adults, 1 adult and 2 kids, 3 kids… everyone has a place on board, as long as there is fun to be had.
How should I clean it?
Tiwal needs no special cleaning. We recommend you rinse it in freshwater and dry it before storage.
How to trim the sail with the two cleats?


Sail with a loose cunningham in light air to power up the sail. Sail with a tight cunningham in breeze to de-power or flatten the sail.


When sailing upwind, use no vang. When sailing downwind tighten the vang just enough to prevent the sail from going upward.

I have never or hardly ever sailed. Is Tiwal right for me?

That is the whole point of Tiwal, to make the fun of sailing accessible to all! Intuitive and easy to use, Tiwal is easy to handle; all you need is a few basic notions to use it and have fun. However, if you wish, you can get personal coaching with us or with one of our partner centers.

If I capsize, will I be able to climb back on board alone?

Capsizing is part of sailing and it is easy to get back on Tiwal thanks to its structure. By pushing down on the wings and holding onto the daggerboard, you can right the boat. The boat is very light. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Is it easy to assemble?
It’s child’s play! Tiwal assembles without tools; the framework tubes clip together and attach to the inflatable hull using hook & loop straps. The sail is easy to install, and simply fits onto the framework.
Is it guaranteed?

The boat (including the hull) is guaranteed 2 years for normal use.

Is the Tiwal inflatable hull fragile?
Tiwal has been tested and proven in the harshest conditions and passed all its tests with ease. The hull is strengthened in several places with special UV-treated materials. For example, a very thick material used for white-water rafting boats is used under the hull and anti-chafing bands protect the sides. If a puncture does occur, the hull consists of two airtight compartments, inflated separately. In the event of an incident, it can easily be repaired by an approved specialist, anywhere in the world.
Once inflated, how do you launch it?
Once assembled, you can carry Tiwal to the water’s edge. If you are alone, you may want to use a beach dolly (available in the shop).
What are the advantages of an inflatable dinghy?

Firstly, to make a folding boat! Lightweight, easy to store and handle, comfortable and safe, easy to clean and carry… the list of advantages is long, probably as long as the fun times you will be able to have.

What are Tiwal’s measurements?
Ideal, of course! Assembled, Tiwal weighs 110 lbs, measures 10′ 6″ long and 5’4″ large (5′ 4″ without hiking racks).
What if I need spare parts?

All parts can be replaced and are sold as spares. We know how precious your vacation time is, which is why we respond quickly. For all requests, contact us on 888-683-5880.

What if I sail around the world and need to repair my boat?

 The hull can be repaired by any approved Zodiac dealer, all around the world. Sails can also be repaired by sail makers in any port in the world.

What is the delivery time?

Deliveries are made by FedEx throughout the United States.
Delivery times: allow for 21 days.

What is the maximum wind Tiwal can sail in?
You can’t frighten me! Tiwal is happy in winds of up to Force 4 (18 mph).
What is the Tiwal 3 sailing programme?

For sports or leisure, Tiwal is suitable for all your escapades and desires. Single-handed or with a crew of three, on calm or white water, as a family or a couple… with its two sails of 56 sq. ft. and 75 sq. ft., Tiwal is versatile and provides fun for everyone.

What quality are the materials?
Tiwal is a top-of-the-range dinghy manufactured with materials of excellent quality. To prove it, just look at the major sailing names associated with Tiwal: Norths Sails for the sails, and Harken for the fittings, among others. The hull is made of high-quality Selytech PVC. The framework is made of anodized aluminum and chromed-plated assembly parts.