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Inflatable Sailboat Tiwal 3

The Inflatable Sailboat
that fits in 2 bags

Tiwal 3, the Inflatable Sailboat, fits into 2 bags that are easy to transport by car, boat and even by plane.

This small sailboat is easily assembled in 20 minutes, without tools. Easy to handle, its seaworthiness will give you great sailing sensations. Very reactive, stable and comfortable in light winds, the Tiwal 3 is sporty in more gusty conditions.

Alone or double handed, it is the ideal craft for your adventures at sea or in lakes!

Inflatable Sailboat transportable in 2 bags
Tiwal 3 Inflatable Sailboat reviewed by Bear Grylls

The whole experience is one of minimum fuss, minimum rigging and maximum fun.

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Bear GRYLLS, in Boat International