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Tiwal: Your Inflatable Sailboat
fits in 2 bags

Stowed in 2 bags, the Tiwal 2 and Tiwal 3 inflatable sailboats are easy to transport by car, boat or airplane! Unroll, inflate, clip together… and sail! Assembly is fast and tool-free.

The Tiwal is very easy to learn how to use. Its sailing qualities provide great sensations. Very responsive, stable and comfortable in light winds, Tiwal is dynamic in more sporty conditions. And Tiwal on the plane, it’ll blow you away!

Whether single-handed, with family or friends, Tiwal is the ideal lightweight dinghy to share the pleasures of sailing and go on an escapade at sea or on the lake.

Tiwal 2 inflatable sailboat

Tiwal 2

The Tiwal 2 inflatable sailing dinghy is the perfect companion for young and old alike to have fun in an anchorage. It is compact, lightweight and can be assembled in the blink of an eye.

With its inflatable wings and scow-shaped bow, the Tiwal 2 is comfortable, stable and very fun to sail.

To explore the seas, share good times, it means fun for the whole crew!

Tiwal 3

Single or two-handed, the Tiwal 3 small inflatable sailboat is the boat for all your watersports escapades. It fits in the trunk of your car.

Its aluminum exoskeleton gives it great performance even in a strong breeze. Beginners and experienced sailors love the way it slips through the water.

Tiwal 3 means the pleasure of sailing where I want, when I want!

Bear Grylls review for Tiwal 3 inflatable sailboat
The whole experience is one of minimum fuss, minimum rigging and maximum fun.
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Bear GRYLLS, in Boat International