I’ve lost the bung for the drain plug. Can I still go sailing?

The Tiwal 3 is an inflatable sailboat, composed of 2 high pressure compartments. These are connected by a PVC joint which also houses the daggerboard well. Water can sometimes find its way in, and slip through this connection, between the 2 compartments. As on conventional boats equipped with drain bungs, you will find a drain valve at the front of the boat (bow).

Do I need to worry about this bung?

You are strongly advised to check the drain plug bung is properly and tightly in place before you go sailing.

It is recommended that you unscrew it when you are out of the water, then lift the boat by the stern to drain any water that may have accumulated while sailing. If you are using a launching dolly, the water will drain by itself if you leave the front handle of the dolly on the ground.

The bung is attached to the hull with a ring and leash to prevent it from getting lost. However, be careful when handling it. If you lose the bung, don’t panic: you can still sail. You may, however, find the boat feels heavier. We strongly recommend that you cover up the hole with tape (eg. Duck Tape) before you get under way.

Finally, contact us quickly to ask for a replacement bung 😉