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Tiwal 2

The sailing dinghy
that goes where you go

Do you fancy taking the air alone and enjoying getting up on the plane in a nice breeze? Want to go out with your kids for some fun on the water? Want to explore nearby creeks? Want to pass on the pleasures of sailing to the younger boaters? Come aboard, we’ll take you on a Tiwal 2 sailing dinghy.

Travel size sailboat

2 bags

The two bags can fit anywhere


90 lbs assembled

A very lightweight boat

Time to assemble icon

15 minutes…

To assemble your Tiwal 2!

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2 bags

The two bags can fit anywhere


90 lbs assembled

A very lightweight boat

Time to assemble

15 minutes…

To assemble your Tiwal 2!

Pocket boat


The travel-size dinghy

The two bags can be easily stowed in the forepeaks of a catamaran, in a locker, or even on deck while you’re under way. And of course, the compact Tiwal 2 sailing boat will also fit in the trunk of your car, in your RV, or you can even take it on a plane!

Tiwal 2 Bags specs and dimensions
  1. Structure
    Manual pump
    Electric pump
  2. Hull
Solo sailing


A small cheeky sailboat

Sail however you want, the Tiwal 2 will adapt. Single-handed, one adult and a child, two children. Its round scow-shaped bow adds volume up front and makes the boat particularly easy to helm. Its inflatable wings provide additional lateral stability when under way. The Tiwal 2 is a small sailboat that has all the features of a big one, with reactive and playful behavior on the water.

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Easy assembly onboard


Assemble as quick as a flash

Assembling a Tiwal 2 is child’s play. There are very few parts to assemble. Inflate the hull, clip on the structural sections, finish inflating and then add the rig and sheet. All this in just 15 minutes and with no tools required. Your Tiwal 2 is ready!  And disassembly? Same thing, but in reverse, and it’s just as quick.


A fun and safe sailboat

The Tiwal 2 tiny sailboat is very safe for sailors: the deck is clear, the controls are simple, and the sail has been designed to be boomless. The inflatable wings also provide incomparable comfort when hiking out, or as a backrest in a sitting position.

The yellow sail is easy to see on the water. Are your kids learning to sail or training on your Tiwal 2 sailboat? You can spot them at a glance!

Bring your sailing dinghy onboard


Take your sailboat on board

Once assembled, the inflated hull can be stored on the trampoline at the front of a catamaran or on the deck of a monohull cruiser. Launching your Tiwal is really simple as it’s light and easy to handle. Just tie a line at the mast step and lower the Tiwal 2 hull into the water.

The Tiwal 2 hull also has seven carrying handles around the perimeter for easy handling from any position. Once the hull is on the water, simply pop the rudder on, the centerboard and the mast with the sail. Your little sailing boat is now ready for boarding!

The yellow sail wraps around the mast. At anchor, it’s easy to leave your Tiwal 2 tied off the stern of your cruising boat, or pulled on the beach if you’ve gone for a swim.

Design and manufacture Dinghy


An original design for great sailing fun

Designed by Marion Excoffon, the Tiwal 2 answers the need to take a pocket boat everywhere with you, especially on a yacht. The desire was to extend the experience of sailing when at anchor. The Tiwal 2 has become the new toy for all the family, for sharing good times and creating some unforgettable memories. Its unique features, including its inflatable hull and wings, offer a fun and safe sailing experience while making it easy to use. Its look and cheerful colors spice up life on board. This recreational sailing dinghy also serves as a training boat for clubs and sailing schools. Its simplicity requires limited skills for its use. This model is manufactured in the Tiwal workshops according to our quality standards. 

Technical specs

Mast: carbon C50
16′ 1” – 5 parts

Framework: anodized aluminum

Sail: North Sails Dacron (Dacron, and Monofilm depending on the model)

Blocks: Harken

Boat weight (empty): 90 lbs

Maximum load: 330 lbs
(1 adult + 1 child)Tiwal 2 onboard capacity

Draft: 2' 5"

2 carrying bags:
Hull bag: 4′9″ × 16″ × 14″ / 55lbs
2nd bag: 3′7″ x 16″ x 10″ / 45lbs

Mini sailboat hull specs

Tiwal 2 sails

Sail in all weathers

The 60 ft² furling sail is a practical sail, suitable for one or two sailors sailing in a light to moderate breeze. It rolls up around the mast for easy storage.

The reefable 64/52 ft² sail is an all-weather sail, whose area can be adapted to suit the wind strength. If the weather changes, you just need to make a quick stop on the beach to make your optimal sail area.

Wind sails comparison chart for the Tiwal 2 sailboat
Table given as an indication for a crew of average load

Press reviews

“Best for sailing fun […]. This was by a good distance the favoured sailing dinghy of all those on test”. Read the article…

Toby Heppel
2019 – Yachting Monthly

“It’s a totally relaxing way to sail and surprisingly quick […]”.
Read the article…

James Hill
2019 – BoatSales Australia

“It felt and moved like a regular dinghy, but with the benefit of not sanding down the gelcoat if you wanted to drag it up on shore”. Read the article…

Lydia Mullan
2020 – Sail Magazine

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