Tiwal 2 Sailing Dinghy

Boost your pleasure at anchor

Carried on your cruising boat, the Tiwal 2 inflatable sailing dinghy will transform your anchorage experience.

Want to get some fresh air alone and enjoy planing in a rising breeze? Do you want to go with your child to share special times together on the water? Want to explore the coves around you? Do you want to impart the pleasures of sailing to your young crew? Come with us, we’ll take you on a Tiwal 2.

Tiwal 2 Inflatable sailing dinghy
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Tiwal 2 sailing dinghy boat

Tiwal 2 won two prestigious
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Tiwal 2 easy to sail dinghy boat

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Select the crew as you wish, the Tiwal 2 adapts. A single adult, an adult and a child, or two children. You can carry up to 330 lbs on board. Depending on the wind, your trip will be a gentle stroll or a sporty adventure.

The Tiwal 2 benefits from proven and patented Tiwal technology with a high-pressure Drop Stitch inflatable gliding V-shaped hull. The whole system guarantees the rigidity of the boat for amazing sensations slipping through the water. The width of the hull ensures good stability. Its daggerboard keeps it on course and allows you to sail well upwind.

The Tiwal 2 is inflated with air, so it’s lightweight! The complete boat with the sail weighs only 90 lbs. Its light weight contributes to its reactive and playful behavior on the water.

Its round scow-shaped bow brings volume to the forward part, and makes the boat particularly easy to steer. Its inflatable wings provide significant lateral stability under way. The inflatable wings also provide incomparable comfort when hiking or as a backrest in a seated position.

The Tiwal 2 sail is made by North Sails. Its 60 ft² sail area allows it to be propelled as soon as there’s any wind. The sail is battened in three positions, on its leech and on its foot, and particularly at the square top. The battens contribute to the power of the sail. The C50 carbon mast combined with the rigging in the stronger wind allows you to reach planing speeds. So this rig makes the Tiwal 2 a very versatile boat in different wind conditions.

The sail is wrapped around the mast. It’s convenient at anchor to leave the Tiwal 2 tied behind the boat, or on the beach during your swim break.

The Tiwal 2 is very safe for sailors: the sail has been designed without a boom, the deck is clear and handling is simple. The yellow sail is easily spotted on the water. Are your children going on an escapade with your Tiwal 2? You can keep an eye on them at a glance!

The Tiwal 2 is the 100% fun sailing boat!

Loading a Tiwal 2 on a Cruising Catamaran

Use on a cruising boat

Once assembled, the inflated hull can be stored on the trampoline at the front of a cruising catamaran or on the deck of a yacht. Launching is all the more simple because it is light and easy to handle. Just hook one line to the mast and lower the Tiwal 2 hull into the water.

The Tiwal 2 hull also has seven strap carrying handles around its circumference for easy handling in all positions. Once the hull is on the water, simply add the rudder, daggerboard and mast with the sail. And your inflatable sailing dinghy is ready for boarding!

Transport a Tiwal 2 sailing dinghy on a Lagoon superyacht


Both bags can be easily stowed in the forepeaks of a catamaran, in a locker or even on deck when under way. And of course, the Tiwal 2 also fits into a car, a camper and you can even take it on an airplane!

Tiwal 2 transport bags weight and dimensions
Assembling a Tiwal 2 on a Cruising Catamaran


Assembling a Tiwal 2 is child’s play. There’s a minimal number of components to put together.

Start by unrolling the hull. Thanks to the rechargeable electric inflator (included), most of the volume is effortlessly filled. Add on and clip together the three elements of the mast base and rudder support. Then complete the inflation manually to add pressure. Then there’s just the rudder and the daggerboard to be installed.

Then switch to the rigging. The C50 carbon mast is made up of 5 sleeved sections. Simply insert the five parts one after the other into the sheath of the sail. Then furl the sail around the mast for easier handling. Place the mast on the mast base. Finally, attach the cunningham and the boom vang to secure the rig to the hull. Your Tiwal 2 is ready! All in 15 minutes and with no tools.

What about disassembly? The same, but in reverse order, and just as quick.


Download the Tiwal 2 Assembly Manual

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Tiwal 2 Technical Specs

Mast:  carbon C50
16′ 1″ length – 5 parts

Framework: anodized aluminum

Sail: North Sails Dacron (60ft²)

Blocks: Harken


Boat weight (empty): 90 lbs

Maximum load: 330 lbs
1 adult + 1 child

Draft : 2′ 5″

2 carrying bags:
Hull bag: 4′ 9″ × 16″ × 14″ / 55 lbs
2nd bag: 3′ 7″ x 16″ x 10″ / 45 lbs


Tiwal 2 inflatable sailboat hull viewed from top


A darn good sailer […] Expect to have an awful lot of fun

Best Boats Awards 2020

It’s well engineered (…), it can handle the big stuff.

Boat of the Year Awards 2020

Press reviews

Best for sailing fun […]. This was by a good distance the favoured sailing dinghy of all those on test”.

Toby Heppell

2019 – Yachting Monthly

“It’s a totally relaxing way to sail and surprisingly quick […]”.

James Hill

2019 – BoatSales Australia

Tiwal 2 transportable sailing dinghy
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