Tiwal 3: a small sailboat
that fits in your car's trunk

Stowed in the trunk of your car, the Tiwal 3 inflatable sailboat will take you on an ocean of nautical adventures.

The weekend promises to be sunny and you’re dreaming of a trip on the water? Are you vacationing by the sea and looking forward to tacking in that windy bay? Your Tiwal 3 is in the trunk of your car, so it’s okay, we’ll get you out on the water!


A compact daysailer, easily transported

In the trunk of a car or camper van, on the plane, the deck of a yacht or towed behind a bike.

Stored in its 2 bags, you can take the ten and a half foot Tiwal 3 anywhere, without a trailer, for an evening trip after work or during your holidays!

When not in use, it is discreet, can be tidied away in a closet or (small) corner of the garage.

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Intuitive and fast to assemble

Do you love boating but the time it takes to get on the water makes you queasy?

In 20 minutes, the Tiwal 3 can be assembled (and folded back down) alone, without tools or specialist knowledge, using clips and Velcro.

Cherry on the cake: maintenance is simply occasional rinsing.

Basically, a boat with no strings attached!

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Tiwal 3 in action

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Design & manufacturing

Innovative concept and premium manufacturing

Cutting edge materials, a rig reduced to the absolute minimum and a good touch of daring!

The Tiwal 3 is a revolution in the world of dinghy sailing and is the result of serious engineering and realization.

The frequently rewarded combination of an inflatable hull with an aluminum structure enables Tiwal 3 to have exceptional rigidity.

With over 900 boats sold, the Tiwal 3 is a tried and tested boat, made in France according to industry standards.

Learn more about how it is made!

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Tiwal 3 Small Sailboat closeup

Technical Specs

Mast: C50 carbon

Framework: anodized aluminum

Sails: Dacron and monofilm by North Sails (56 or 75 ft²)

Blocks: Harken

CE Category: D

Boat weight (empty): 110 lbs

Max load: 440 lbs

2 adults or 1 adult + 2 children

Max load on wings: 2 adult / 242 lbs

Draft: 2′ 3″

2 carrying bags: 4′ 11″ x 1′ 4″ x 1′ 2″ each

Length: 10′ 6″

Tiwal Inflatable Small Sailboat - View from top


The thing was a blast. I couldn’t believe how well it sailed. You could have some serious enjoyment with this, especially in big breeze.”

Chuck Allen
2014 – Boat of the Year

press reviews

Boat International Sailing Magazine
“The whole experience is one of minimum fuss minimum rigging and maximum fun.”
Bear Grylls

2014 – Boat International

“We were impressed by the ingenuity of the concept and the quality of the materials used, not to mention the adjustable sail, which adapts to the wind.”

Rita Orrell

2018 – Forbes