How to correctly install the hook-and-loop straps to the Tiwal?

It is important to properly attach the hook-and-loop straps to the structure to ensure the best possible rigidity of the boat.

  • During the first assembly, slide the straps (tab facing the inside of the hull) on each of the rings provided (8 straps to be installed on the Tiwal 3, 4 straps on the Tiwal 2).
  • Close the bands around the red seam following the diagram below.
  • Once installed, you can leave these bands permanently attached to your hull.

First Assembly

First assembly of Tiwal's hook and loop straps

Assembly of the structure

Assemble Tiwal straps on the structure

Close the bands above the tubes (never below) in order to secure the structure against the hull by following the diagram below.

CAUTION: avoid getting sand on the hook and loop straps.