What is the difference between the Tiwal 3R and the Tiwal 3?

The Tiwal 3R sport dinghy is very different from the Tiwal 3 in its use and design.

The Tiwal 3 sailboat is a versatile and responsive dinghy. Its accessibility is highly appreciated. It is very easy to handle and quick to assemble.

The Tiwal 3R is an evolved version of the Tiwal 3. It is a much sportier, faster and powerful boat. Having a much more powerful rig, the Tiwal 3R is equipped with a structure and fittings designed for this use. This new, fast sailboat has almost 80% of its components that are modified or additional compared to the original Tiwal 3.

The Tiwal 3R includes:

  • An extended composite daggerboard and rudder
  • A sail made of Xi North Sails competition material
  • A 100% carbon boom
  • An elongated exoskeleton structure at the rear
  • Reinforced structure and additional bow-shaped brace
  • A mainsheet swivel jammer included as standard
  • Dyneema and polyester braided lines
  • Full sail controls (including the outhaul) and led back to the helm (8 cleats and 21 blocks by Harken and Ronstan)
  • A mast composed of 90% carbon
  • 2 mast rings for block support