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The Tiwal 2 sailing dinghy is the perfect companion for kids and adults alike to enjoy in an anchorage. It is compact, lightweight and assembles in the blink of an eye. With its inflatable wings and scow-shaped bow, the Tiwal 2 is comfortable, stable and great fun to sail. For exploring surrounding waters and sharing some good times, there’s pleasure in store for the whole crew.

Single-handed or two-up, the Tiwal 3 small sailboat is the boat for your nautical adventures. It fits in the trunk of your car. The aluminum exoskeleton gives it performance even in windy conditions. Beginners or experienced sailors simply love slipping through the water. The Tiwal 3: sailing pleasure, where I want it, when I want it.

Maximum load

330 lbs

440 lbs

Assembly time

15 minutes

20 minutes

Transport bags

45 + 55 lbs

1. Framework, sail, rudder and daggerboard
2. Hull and mast

62 + 62 lbs

1. Framework, sail, mast, rudder and daggerboard
2. Hull

Tiwal 2 sailing dinghy hull dimensions
Tiwal 3 sailboat hull dimensions
88 lbs
PVC – Drop Stitch material –
8″ thick

High-pressure inflatable hull (11  PSI)
2 low-pressure inflatable hiking racks (3 PSI)
110 lbs
PVC – Drop Stitch material –
8″ thick

High-pressure central inflatable hull
(11 PSI)
2 aluminum hiking racks
Hydrodynamic V-shaped hull

60 ft² furling sail

56 ft² or 75 ft² or 75/56 ft² reefable sail

Dacron and monofilm


Tiwal 2 and 3 sailboats draft
Tiwal 2 and 3 sailboats draft
5-part mast (Carbon C50)

16′ 1″ total length
5-part mast (Carbon C50)

16′ 1″ total length
Tiwal 2 sailing dinghy poster square
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Tiwal 3 inflatable Sailing Dinghy with Reefable Sail

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Image Credit: Geran de Klerk