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Tiwal: the super fun inflatable sailboat
that fits in 2 bags

With simple controls and a single sail; with a single or multiple learners onboard, the Tiwal 3 Club is the perfect lightweight dinghy to learn to sail on.

Easy to assemble, simple to care for and easy to pack away and store, the Tiwal sailboat is ideal for use at your sailing club!

Easy to learn sailing boat

Easy sailing

The Tiwal 3 Club inflatable sailing dinghy is first and foremost a real boat. It points well upwind thanks to its large centreboard and V-shaped hull. Its wide-open transom means it is also a joy downwind. Incredibly reactive, it can tack within its own length.

With just two main controls (direction and speed), beginners will delight in how accessible it is. More experienced sailors will love hiking out on the wings and getting close to the water! This is a versatile addition to any community sailing center or sailings school’s fleet.

If the boat capsizes, it is safe and easy to right. A masthead float ensures the boat does not turtle, thus ensuring the safety of your learners. Getting back on board is also easy and does not require help to do so. What’s more, with the dinghy being so light, a whole line of Tiwals can be towed when needed.

Acccessible sailboats

Accessible & fun!

Kids of all ages love it for its bright colours and the autonomy it offers – and adults are no less drawn to its distinct design! Often perceived as less intimidated to novices, this is a really accessible boat.

Incredibly light, beginners are quickly able to handle the boat, both off and on the water. The yellow sails are easy to spot on the water from a distance, which is always appreciated by sailing instructors.

Duo sailboat for schools


The Tiwal 3 Club is ideal for beginners of all ages and offers ample space onboard. With an onboard weight capacity of 440lbs, the boat can welcome two adults or up to four children at a time.

Its reefable sail means it adapts to changing wind conditions, without the need to return to shore! A real added bonus to your existing community sailing centre or sailing school fleet.

Ever wish you could grab a boat and head out on an adventure? With the Tiwal, you can do just that. Its compact design, packing down into just two storage bags, means your boat can go where you do. Offer your students (and instructors!) the excitement of sailing in a new setting – adventure awaits!

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Bump proof design

Bump-proof design

There is no need to worry about the Tiwal getting knocked about while being handled by young and enthusiastic, or simply inexperienced learners – our inflatable hulls are bump-proof! The beach dolly ensures smooth and easy launching from the shore and helps give your learner a sense of control, right from the word go.

Tiwal hulls are manufactured using two layers of PVC which are fused together to form a single, strong and resistant, membrane. This offers superior longevity to our drop-stich inflatable hulls.

Easy storage boats


Club storage can be limited, so how about storing an entire fleet of boats in a single container? With the Tiwal inflatable sailing dinghy, this is exactly what you can do!

  1. In season:
    the boats can be stored inflated and with the sail furled – ready to launch at a moment’s notice and just like any other hard-hull boat. Our UV boat cover helps protect the hull from sunlight.
  2. Off-season:
    the boats pack into just two storage bags, with each boat takes up less than 17 cubic feet of space!
Assembly and Care

Assembly & care

Assembly takes no more than 20 minutes (though some do it much faster!) and is done without any tools.

First, the hull is part-inflated, the metal structure clicks together using push-pins and is attached to the hull using  Velcro straps. The hull is then inflated to 11 psi (0.75 bar). The 5-section mast is put together and inserted into the unrolled sail. Finally, the rudder blade, daggerboard and mast (already inserted into the sail) are all put in place – and the boat is now good to go!

Assembly is simply done in reverse and is just as easy.

Caring for your Tiwal is also simple! In short, the Tiwal requires no special cleaning. Avoid storing it in direct sunlight, and just ensure it is rinsed (using fresh water) and fully dried before packing it into its storage bag.

Tiwal 3 Club

Sailing school boat features
Sailing school boat features
Sailing school boat features
Sailing school instructors testimonial
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Quote The intimidation factor goes way down and you’re able to give somebody who doesn’t know how to sail a vessel that seems just very accessible and easy and fun to play.”

Melissa Gorchynsky

Executive director of the Community Sailing of Colorado

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