Is there a rating for Tiwal sailboats?

Fancy taking part in a race with your Tiwal? Regattas are certainly an exciting part of the sport, and are competitive, yet simultaneously social and friendly events. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a relative beginner, we cannot recommend joining an event enough! Draw on the experience of other sailors and watch your own performance improve!

When taking part in a regatta, you’ll likely race against one or many more other types of boats – so how do these boats, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, all race against each other? This is where ratings come in to play. Think of it as golf handicapping – but for sailing.

Originally developed by the Royal Yachting Association in England, in the mid-20th century, the scheme was brought to the US and (after some remodeling) is today known as the Dixie-Portsmouth number (DPN). The scheme is overseen by US Sailing.

All variations of the scheme aim to handicap boats based on their relative performance against other boats they race against. Schemes are designed to give clubs the tools to run fair handicap racing, by being able to handicap any boat without the need for measurement and by being administrable by club members.

All Tiwal models have been given preliminary DPN ratings, which are given below:

Clubs are encouraged to share their own Tiwal racing data with US Sailing, to enable further evaluation.

Tiwal sailboats also have ratings in both the UK and in France.
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