Unfolding Tiwal 3 inflatable sailing dinghy's hull

In the water
in only 20 minutes

Pleasure is the only keyword with Tiwal 3! Assembling your Tiwal 3 is child’s play.

Few parts, very easy assembly, parts that fit together smoothly and accurately, high-quality finish… In the time it takes to say it, you’re already in the water!

Download the Tiwal 3 assembly manual

Tiwal 3 Aluminum structure assembly
Tiwal 3 sailing dinghy assembly steps
Tiwal 3 Assembly steps

No effort and especially no tools

1. Partially inflate the hull using the low-pressure electrical pump (included with each boat).

2. Install the daggerboard case in the hull.

3. Assemble the framework. In just a few clicks, all the elements fit together easily.

4. Attach the framework to the hull using the hook & loop straps.

5. Complete inflation using the manual pump (included in your pack) to reach a pressure of 11 psi (0.75 bar).

6. Assemble the 5 pieces of the mast, pull the sail onto the mast and attach everything to the framework.

Tiwal 3 Assembly steps

Records to beat
10 min 24 sec in solo
6 min 28 sec double-handed
Tiwal 3 sailing dinghy once assembled
Records to beat
10 min 24 sec in solo
6 min 28 sec double-handed
Tiwal Assembly contest video
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Zoom on inflation

The Tiwal 3 hull is inflated in 2 steps.

Firstly using the low-pressure electrical pump, enabling you to install the framework, the daggerboard case and the mast, without forcing anything. The low-pressure electric pump (included with the boat) can be charged on the mains electricity.

Then use the manual high-pressure pump (included with the boat) to reach the required pressure for perfect inflation of the hull.

If you prefer to save your energy for sailing, a rechargeable high-pressure pump is available as an option. It can be used to fully inflate the hull without using the manual pump.

Inflating Tiwal 3 sailing dinghy with the electric low pressure air pump
Inflating Tiwal sailing dinghy with the manual high pressure pump
Disassemble Tiwal 3 sailing dinghy

Off on new escapades!

Tiwal 3 can be dismantled and tidied away in 20 minutes. When you store your boat for a long period of time, you should rince all parts in freshwater and allow them to dry before storing it in the bags.