your Tiwal 3

Bring your Tiwal with you everywhere! For a vacation or half a day, with family or alone, your Tiwal is right for anything you fancy. Neatly fitting in its 2 bags, Tiwal is the ideal companion for all your getaways and has a place wherever you go.

The 2 Bags in detail

Tiwal 3 sailing dinghy transport bags weight and dimensions

Tiwal only weighs 110 lbs fully assembled, but you should count about 62 lbs per bag for transport (*this includes the weight of the bags and the pumps with the weight of the boat). In the first bag you will find the hull, and in the second the framework and fittings.

In your car

The 2 Tiwal bags slide easily into the trunk of a car. With the back seats folded down, it can even fit in a Fiat 500! If your car is full already, it will easily fit in a cargo box (requires 4′ 9″ length and 600 l). A cargo carrier hitched to the back of your car can also be used to load up your bags. For short journeys, you can even carry your Tiwal hull (inflated and assembled) on a roof rack.

In your boat

On deck or lashed to the stern like a tender, your Tiwal is ready for all your getaways. The kids and the adults can rediscover the joys of anchoring off shore.

In your Camper van

For a weekend or a road trip along the coast, don’t leave your Tiwal behind! Stow it on your trailer or in your camper van.

On a dolly

If you are lucky enough to live by the sea, no need to dismantle Tiwal every time. It’s very easy to carry on foot or on its very own beach dolly.

In a Plane

Your Tiwal wants to travel too! Snug in its 2 bags, Tiwal can travel in the hold. Just one tip: check with your airline about transport conditions and methods.