Sailing Dinghy Tiwal 3


With the Tiwal 3 inflatable sailing dinghy, you will sail (almost) everywhere, at sea, inland, on lakes or rivers. It will be in its element in quiet, rippled and even in waves, with a daring captain. Will you take your Tiwal 3 to Chesapeake Bay, Finger Lakes near NYC or the beaches of Hawaii?

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All Together

The entire family can sail with the Tiwal 3.
Adults, solo or double handed, will enjoy the adrenaline rush when there is wind. Beginners are reassured by how easy it is to use. Experienced skippers will love its reactivity in all weathers. Children will enjoy sailing alone in lighter conditions or can learn with their parents. The Tiwal 3 is so accessible it can be used to learn to sail. Young captains or old salts, your Tiwal 3 can carry up to 440 lbs on board.

1 adult & 2 children
2 or 3 children
1 adult & 2 children
2 or 3 children
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Le Tiwal 3 c’est d’abord un vrai bateau. Il se comporte comme un grand pour un maximum de plaisir. Il remonte très bien au vent avec sa grande dérive sabre et sa carène en V. C’est aussi un régal au portant avec sa carène large et ouverte sur le tableau arrière.

Au rappel sur ses ailes, les capitaines expérimentés s’offrent de belles sensations au ras de l’eau et apprécient la puissance de sa voile à corne associée au mât carbone. Et comme le Tiwal 3 est léger (50kg), il peut même planer !

Le Tiwal 3 est très facile à manœuvrer. En navigation, vous avez seulement deux commandes : la direction et la vitesse. Il surprend par son étnante maniabilité : poussez sur la barre, il vire sur lui-même. Il est très réactif, même par petit temps ! Quand le vent monte, accrochez-vous à la barre, le Tiwal 3 part en surf sur les vagues.

coque v rocker deriveur tiwal3
Hydrodynamic V-shaped hull

Sail in all weathers

The Tiwal 3 will bowl you over! When the wind rises, so does the fun. The Tiwal can adapt its sail surface.

The 75 ft² sail is powerful, suitable for one or two adults sailing in light to moderate winds. The 56 ft² sail is more versatile. It works for adults in a strong breeze, and for children in more reasonable weather conditions.

Finally, the reefing 75/56 ft² sail is good in all weather conditions. Its surface adapts to the windspeed. Simply stop on a beach to change to an optimal sail surface and fully enjoy the performance of your Tiwal 3, no matter who the crew is.

Table for information purposes only for a crew of one or two adults
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Sail confortably
and safely

The Tiwal 3 is designed to enable sailors to enjoy maximum sensations on the boat. This includes the comfort of the skipper and crew.

The inflatable surface of the hull is padded with foam for a very comfortable sailing experience. And it is also a very reassuring boat.. Sailors can lean back on the ergonomic winds or sit on them when the wind increases, to hike out. For complete comfort, hiking rack pads are available.

The Tiwal 3 first and foremost feels very safe. Sailing is reassuring for crew as there is no boom or shrouds. It is also more stable than most classic dinghy. If you capsize, righting it is child’s play. Its open cockpit is self bailing, making it much easier to right. You only need to weigh 110 lbs to right the Tiwal 3.