Tiwal 3 review – Collin from Denver, CO

November, 2020 – Collin, from Denver, CO

So my name is Collin Lucas I’m from Denver Colorado in the United States

Which model of Tiwal 3 do you have?

I got the Tiwal, the model 3 I think it is. It’s the larger one. I bought it probably like June of 2020.

Where do you sail?

Mainly high mountain alpine lakes, so in Colorado we have very high altitude mountains, or usually I end up sailing in those high altitude mountain lakes.

Single-handed or double-handed?

You know it depends, sometimes I’ll take people out. I’ve taken like my aunt out, my cousin out and my girlfriend a little bit. We had a really good time but sometimes it’s just myself, so it just kind of depends on, you know, who’s with me and that kind of thing.
It’s super easy to store, I just kind of keep it and I have like an attic above a garage and I just kind of keep it up there. So it’s really nice, I don’t have to worry about it being outside or worrying about the weather affecting it, because the winters here are pretty hard and stuff, and so it’s nice I don’t have to worry about that.

Which characteristics did surprise you?

I would say how easy it is to set up, like once you get the hang of it, it can you can set it up really fast and I didn’t think it was going to be quite as simple to figure it out and once you kind of learn the little nuances of it, it’s like you can set it up in 20 minutes and be out on the water really fast!

What’s your best memory with your Tiwal?

Oh best memory, so I was, there’s a town in Colorado called Steamboat Springs and they have a reservoir and I told my cousin that I got this and like he had never really gone sailing before and so we took it up and I, you know set it up and stuff and like everybody was like Whoa! like: “What is that? That’s really cool, is that like a stand-up paddleboard?” And I was like: “Not really but I guess you could use it as one, you know”. But we got out on the water and we sailed like all over the reservoir and like my cousin was like I basically taught him how to sail that day and like he just was like This is the coolest thing ever! And he got like really stoked about it, we like we went back and like watched the sailing movie and he was all, you know like “Oh that’s so cool!” and so. It was really cool to see that like you know, passion fire up in him and stuff like that and so I know for a fact like next summer I’ll be up there with it again so.

Where would you dream to sail your Tiwal?

There’s a town in the United States called Jackson Hole, Wyoming and they have a big lake up there and I think it’d be really cool to sail up there because there’s some really prominent mountains, the Grand Tetons and so. I think it’d be cool to sail around there so… someday.