Tiwal 3 review: Julian from Alaska

October 2018 – Julian from Anchorage, Alaska

I’m Julian. I’m originally from Columbia, living in Alaska!

How long have you had your Tiwal ?

I do got a Tiwal, approximately one year ago. I’m enjoying it in Hawaii, and in Alaska, believe it or not, in a beautiful lake, green with all the back mountains over there, snow-capped, and beautiful green spaces. And this just flies beautifully with the wind.

I love the design, I find it online, and in SAIL Magazine, because featured over there. Looking for something that I could pack and take, and travel with it, and enjoy it.

It’s two bags, easy to take, I usually give one for my wife, and I keep the second one for the second person. You travel with it and you just enjoy it. It’s just fun in the water.

What is your best memory on your Tiwal 3?

My best memory was probably the first time I went in the water. I went in the Kenai Lake (Alaska). It was lots of wind and obviously first time you take it. And then I capsized on it, and my wife isn’t sure… Like worried about it because in the water that is 45°F (7°C) But I had a full dress. I came out, easy to put back on, jump in there and came with the biggest smile ever!

Again, beautiful scenery, and loving sailing it at the same time. But the big memory of it is just like, going in the water for the first time, and go full speed on it, and enjoy it for the rest of the day!