Tiwal 3 review: Karen from Grace, MD

Oct. 2018 – Karen from Grace, MD

Karen sails her Tiwal 3 inflatable sailing dinghy in Maryland. She takes her small boat wherever she goes in her Mini Cooper. Check her review about the Tiwal 3.

My name is Karen. We’re from Havre de Grace, Maryland

How long have you had your Tiwal 3?

We’ve had our Tiwal for a year now. And it’s been great, we’ve really enjoyed it. It just fits into the back of our car, even the Mini Cooper. And it assembles really quickly and then you’re off sailing, it’s really fun.

What is your best memory on your Tiwal 3?

Well, we were sailing off in a way and our dog Franckie was very highly alert to make sure that we were okay and that we were going to come back for her!