Tiwal 3 review: Justin from Pittsburgh, PA

Oct. 2018 – Justin from Pittsburgh

I’m Justin, I’m from Pittsburg!

How long have you had your Tiwal, and how is it going so far?

I’ve had it for one year, I got it here at the boat show last year. So fat it’s going great! The boat handles great, and I hadn’t had any issues with it. I’ve had it out a lot, probably once or twice every month, when we had good weather for it.

In which conditions did you take it out?

I’ve had it out from basically no wind, to pretty high winds, actually not sure of the exact wind speeds, but probably some of the highest winds I’ve had a small boat out on!

What’s your best memory so far on the Tiwal?

It just sails great, just being able to race five beaches on Lake Erie, and just having the boat out in general is a lot of fun. I just enjoy it everytime I’ve had it out.