Tiwal 3 review – Beth and Chuck from Adrian, MI

January, 2022 – Beth and Chuck from Michigan

I’m Beth, this is Chuck and we live in Michigan, in the United States.

When did you get your Tiwal?

Five years ago. It’s the Tiwal 3 small sailboat with the black sail.

How did you find out about Tiwal?

It was serendipitous. I was looking at the Museum of Modern Art website out of New York. Your product was listed in the catalog. I said « There’s a sailboat at the Museum of Modern Art so I showed it to Beth and she replied « Oh, we got to get it! ».

Where do you sail?

We just sail on inland lake in Michigan. It’s a lake that I grew up on, called Devils Lake. We spend a lot of time out there and that’s really the only place we’ve gone so far but since we can put it in our car, we could take it just about anywhere so we’re excited to travel with it.

How do you use your Tiwal?

It’s fun to go out when there’s a lot of wind by myself. Sometimes I go out with Chuck. When my sister comes to visit, I go out with her so it’s mostly just for fun and either solo or with another person.

How is it going so far?

It’s fun, we love the boat! It’s really easy because we can leave it together and put it in my Mom’s garage and then just pop it in the water but even if we didn’t, we had to just put it together, it would only take us 20 minutes and we would be ready to go, so it’s easy and fun and we love it!

Which characteristics did surprise you?

Once we got it out and put it together, I couldn’t believe how strong and hard the hull is because it’s a blow up! You think of when you play on a lake with blow up toys it’s not like that at all. You can just blow it up and it’s very very strong, durable and rigid, it’s great. Sailing it, one thing that did surprise me is because it’s so light it is more touchy with the tiller, you have to be more careful. One of the funniest things was before we even unpacked it because a fellow showed up from the shipping service with a couple of big boxes and he asked « What is in these? What am I delivering? » and I replied « It’s a sailboat » and he’s said « What? In all my years I’ve never delivered a sailboat before! »

What is your best memory with your Tiwal?

Once I went out with my sister. It was blowing really hard and we were out there for hours, up on a plane, then hiking, just having a blast, laughing and talking and reminiscing.

Where would you dream to sail with your Tiwal?

With you at the Tiwal Championship, that would be so much fun! I used to be a competitive sailor but I’m not. I just think it would be super fun to be with a bunch of Tiwal sailors and sail with you all.