Tiwal Cup: the Tiwal Captains’ Annual Meeting

Each year, the Tiwal Team organises its regatta, in the birthplace of the Tiwal inflatable sailboats, the Gulf of Morbihan ! Each year the event brings together over 40 owners from all over the world to tackle around the islands of the Gulf in a friendly and fun atmosphere. The Tiwal Cup 2020 will take place on 30th, May!


This year, our playground will be the entrance of the Gulf of Morbihan!

We will take you tacking between Locmariaquer, Larmor Baden, the island of Berder and the Rhuys Peninsula…
In this exceptional setting, you will face the legendary current of “La Jument”, you will jibe in front of the Cairn of Gavrinis and thwart the traps of the “Faucheur”. You don’t know what they are? This is the perfect opportunity to find out as part of a flotilla!

Registration is open. Enroll before the 15/03/2020:

Tiwal Cup 2020 Registration form


You will receive details of the program and organization in April.
In order to organize your accommodation, please note that the departure (and return) will take place in Locmariaquer between 8h and 17h and that the award ceremony and the evening meal will take place in Arradon.

Where to stay

If you’re looking for hosting solutions around Arradon and Baden, please take a look at the following addresses:

Mobile-homes and camping:


What to expect

The day is packed with fun surprises. A boat assembly contest, sailing blindfolded or with one hand tied behind the back, or the improvised manoeuver test…

The regatta ends by the end of the afternoon with the speedy dismantlement of the boats followed in the evening by a small award ceremony and then, highlight of the event, a delicious meal of local culinary delights!

Usually on the Sunday, the Tiwal owners will get together and take full advantage of their unique location in the Gulf of Morbihan to do some more sailing – at a more leisurely pace this time!

In 2019, the date was fixed for June 8th in the Toulindac Bay, in Baden. Read all about the 2019 edition.

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