Tiwal Cup: the annual Tiwal Captains’ Meeting [Cancelled]

Each year, the Tiwal Team organises its regatta, in the birthplace of the Tiwal inflatable sailboats, the Gulf of Morbihan ! Each year the event brings together over 40 owners from all over the world to tackle around the islands of the Gulf in a friendly and fun atmosphere. The Tiwal Cup 2020 will take place on 30th, May!

We hope you and your families are in good health.

In view of the latest news, we are unfortunately forced to cancel the 7th edition of the TIWAL CUP 2020 scheduled for May 30.

It appears that the end of Covid-19 lockdown will be accompanied by measures that will not allow people to gather in groups above a certain number. Also, during a gathering such as the TIWAL CUP, it would be complicated to ensure the required gestures of “social distancing”. And finally, the closing of the borders will not allow our Captains outside of France to join us, not to mention the uncertainties concerning the reopening of hotels and restaurants etc.

Postponement will not be possible:

  • in July / August we will not have access to the beaches necessary for the organization of this event due to holidaymakers.
  • in September / October our team will not be fully available for the organization of this event in optimal conditions as we have commitments to trade fairs during this period.

We will organize a double Tiwal Cup in 2021!

To end on a positive and promising note :

We should have a nice surprise for you in June that will enable you to get together between Captains on the water and share some good sailing moments. This surprise is being developed by two Tiwal captains in Germany. To be continued…

We look forward to seeing many of you on the water this summer!

What to expect

The day is packed with fun surprises. A boat assembly contest, sailing blindfolded or with one hand tied behind the back, or the improvised manoeuver test…

The regatta ends by the end of the afternoon with the speedy dismantlement of the boats followed in the evening by a small award ceremony and then, highlight of the event, a delicious meal of local culinary delights!

Usually on the Sunday, the Tiwal owners will get together and take full advantage of their unique location in the Gulf of Morbihan to do some more sailing – at a more leisurely pace this time!

In 2019, the date was fixed for June 8th in the Toulindac Bay, in Baden. Read all about the 2019 edition.

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