75/56 ft² Reefable Sail for Tiwal 3



Make the most of the wind with this 75 to 56 sq. ft. convertible sail.

This reefable sail allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds, to adapt to different winds and conditions, while saving the hassle of switching the sail. Reduce the sail surface from 75 to 56 sq. ft. before getting to the water, or once you are back to the shore.

Shipping date: September 22nd, 2021   Details >

  • Both battens parts fit into each other, improving the shape of the sail
  • Adjustable headcap system with strap
  • Dacron lower panel, so that the fabric doesn’t get damaged while rolling up
  • Fancy design on the silkscreen printed sail

Download the Tiwal 3 Reefable Sail manual


Reefing the sail