Mainsheet swivel jammer



For easier sailing in strong winds or to sail for longer periods, take advantage of the Harken cam cleat with a swivel to jam off your sheet.

The cleat is mounted on a swiveling base, so is very easy to use regardless of your position in the boat, sitting on the hull or on the wings.

Installation manual

Attention: for the Tiwal 3, choose the mainsheet swivel jammer according to your central part. Check the diameter of the hole under the ratchet block, and the shape of the surface that accommodates the swivel jammer.

If you order a new Tiwal 3, please select model A.

Tiwal Mainsheet swivel jammer models

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This cleat is designed for experienced sailors with a certain technical level ability.
For safety reasons, we advise not to let children, beginners or occasional sailors use this cleat. The standard fittings on the Tiwal 3 are designed for a maximum of fun, sensations and safety.

Learn more about how to use the mainsheet swivel jammer.


Tiwal dinghies are delivered with a Harken ratchet block as standard. This type of block helps you to hold the sheet without jamming it off.

The standard Harken ratchet block is to be mounted on the swivel base.

Installation time: 30 minutes / Weight: 18 oz

Parts included in the pack

Standard low-profile cam base-swivel. Harken Ref: H205
Standard 15° Angled Riser. Harken Ref: 296
Wedge plate for Tiwal 3
Installation manual Download