Tiwal Cup 2017

What a day!

53 sailboats, 85 sailors for the 4th TIWAL Cup in the Gulf of Morbihan. We were very happy to welcome TIWAL Captains from the USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malta, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and from all over France, to share the fun of sailing.

After a quiet morning with almost no wind and a chilled out lunch on Arz island, the wind then picked up and held at 20 knots on the sail back to Arradon. The end of the journey was pretty demanding with only about 30 boats who made it to the end.
The program : TIWAL Assembly Contest, Sailing, BBQ on Arz island, TIWAL Kid’s Cup, more sailing and the Prize-giving Ceremony.

Ranking :
Solo Assembly contest : Gilles BAJOLET (10mins 41secs – new world record)
Duo assembly contest : Mélanie VIAL et Gregory PRELAT (6mins 28secs – new world record)
Solo regatta : Jérôme VICI
Duo regatta : Michel et Alix Luong
Kid’s Cup : Salomé and Marine

A special thanks to Eric NEVO our Race Director, Jean-René HENOCQ our Safety Officer, Oliver JUSTUM, our Master Chef and all the volunteers who helped organize the event.
Thank you also to our partners :
Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan, Port de Plaisance d’Arradon, Marie de l’Île-d’Arz Bretagne, Marque Bretagne, Vannes Golfe du Morbihan, Club Nautique de Baden,  Centre Nautique d’Arradon, Comité Départemental du Tourisme, Département du Morbihan, ABdrone, Banque Populaire Proximea, Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne, BNP Paribas
and lastly the Domaine de Bilhervé for their unexpected but very much appreciated help.