Rudder Blade Lifting Kit



The rudder blade lifting kit is an option to enable the first generations of Tiwal boats to benefit from the semi-automatic rudder lift system fitted as standard on boats delivered from 2023 onwards.

This system fits on the rudder head of all Tiwal boats delivered before 2023. It unlocks the rudder blade (to raise or lower it) by pulling on a ball positioned under the tiller. Only one hand is required for this action. Once unlocked, the rudder blade must be manually pushed downwards to lock it in the sailing position, or upwards to lock it in the raised position.

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3 years warranty**
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Out of State sale. Client is responsible for remitting any use tax due on this purchase to the appropriate state tax agency.

This option can be fitted by any DIY enthusiast with the necessary tools. It will take you a good hour. The video below explains how it’s done.

Tiwal declines all responsibility if this operation is not successful.

Assembly video