About tiwal

My beautiful boat

Tiwal is the story of a girl who wasn’t shy, Marion Excoffon. 

Before making her name in design, Marion started out by hearing a “No”. Her father was refusing to lend her the family boat. That might have been the end of it had it not been for Marion’s feisty character - she dreamt up her own folding boat!

Then she decided to fill it with air, and the first Tiwal inflatable dinghy was born. 5 prototypes later, Tiwal pulled up in December 2012. It was a huge success. Following numerous awards and over 800 boats sold, Tiwal is continuing on its way, with boats in more than 45 country worldwide. Fair winds!

& design

Tiwal has already been around the world, winning over the public wherever it goes! This fresh breeze has brought awards in the four corners of the globe and its oceans.

Fun and quite a
bit of technology

Tiwal wins with its concept of easy assembly. At least that’s true on the beach, but there were quite a few steps to get there.

Tiwal is the result of a whole lot of know-how and quite a bit of talent.

Firstly, designing a folding boat that combines inflatable parts and a aluminum framework subject to high stress requires a little (or a lot) of imagination.

Tiwal brings people together on the water, but it does so in the factory too. Tiwal calls on specialists in inflation, plastics, aluminum and textiles. Quite a feat!

Ultimately, over 50 suppliers put their know-how into Tiwal. Like a game of industrial Meccano® which all comes together in our in-house factory for testing, assembly and delivery.

Tiwal Team:
A Team with the Wind in their Sails


Industrial Designer & Co-Founder


Boss & Co-Founder


Office & PR Manager


Production Engineer


Business Manager


Assembly & Delivery


Customer Relations & Accounts