How do I transport my Tiwal sailboat on the car boat rack?

Tiwal sailboats fit in the trunk of your car. But sometimes, the trunk is just too full! Have you ever considered using a car boat rack?

Tiwal dinghies can be transported in most cars on the market, including most small city cars. If the trunk isn’t big enough to take the boat, simply fold down or remove the rear seat, or even fold back the front passenger seat for smaller vehicles. But if you’ve got to keep space in the car to transport passengers or equipment, and if your vehicle has a tow hitch, you can opt to use the ball hitch for carrying your boat.

Approved for a payload of 100 lbs, this carrier can accommodate a complete Tiwal 2 (which is precisely the same weight when stowed in its bags). The Tiwal 3, on the other hand, weighs 123 lbs and exceeds the payload of this carrier. But don’t worry! If you want to transport your Tiwal 3 on the car boat rack, it is perfectly feasible to cheat, by loading items that are more voluminous than weighty into the Tiwal’s bags.

This way, you can load the heaviest and most compact items into your trunk:

  • The centerboard
  • The rudder
  • The mast
  • The sail (folded in half, lengthwise)

Alternatively, you could put life jackets and wetsuits in the bags. They take up the same amount of space, but are lighter than the parts mentioned above. Finally, don’t forget to refer to your car’s towing specifications to check that it allows such a load to be carried. Generally, a trailer hitch is approved for a payload of 100 to 220 lbs. And don’t forget to include the weight of the carrier itself: 31.75 lbs.

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