How do you stow the sails from Tiwal boats?

Tiwal sails are very easy to set up, and to stow. 5 minutes is plenty! Depending on your requirements and the sail you have, several solutions are available to you.

Stowing the fittings

Make your life easier! The sails on Tiwal boats can be stowed away without disassembling the fittings. It’s as simple as this:

  • Release the mainsheet bridle by un-threading the two balls…
  • Detach the cunningham and the vang
  • Undo the figure of eight knot to free the sheet from the central piece
  • Coil your sheet
  • Hook the mainsheet bridle up through the central eye in the foot of the sail

This way, your lines won’t get tangled up, and you’ll save precious time when you’re taking your boat apart… And when you launch it next time!

Folding the sail

Do you have space?

The quickest solution (3 minutes) is to stow the sail in its dedicated bag (included when your boat is delivered).

  • Remove the mast and place it on the ground
  • Remove the mast from the sail sleeve (be careful not to drag the sail on the ground)
  • Fold down the headboard along the top batten (not applicable for the Tiwal 2 and Tiwal 2L furling sails)
  • Roll the sail from the top downwards
  • Place the rolled sail in its bag (ideally by lifting the bag, to avoid it scraping on the ground)
  • For the furling sail on the Tiwal 2, remove the two vertical battens before rolling it up.

Would you prefer to stow your sail in a boat bag?

Then fold the sail before stowing it in the bag (5 minutes).

  • Completely remove both parts of the lower batten
  • Fold the sail in half vertically and roll it up (fold
  • The sailcloth material of the sail, not the transparent part)
  • Fold the top of the sail into a triangle following the line of the top batten
  • Roll your sail (parallel to the battens for reefable sails)
  • Put the folded sail into its bag