Tiwal 2L

The family sailing dinghy

Family sailing dinghy

Tiwal 2L

Share your adventures

Going on vacation with the kids? Is the forecast looking good for the weekend? Your Tiwal 2L sailboat is already in your car and all the family are looking forward to sharing some new adventures on the water. What will you name your new family sailing dinghy? What will be the theme of your next sailing adventure? Your Tiwal 2L is ready to sail!

Duo sailing dinghy

2 bags

Easily transportable, your boat fits in 2 bags, with an all-up weight of 47 kg.


200 kg

Max load onboard
2 adults, or
1 adult + 2 children
(Learn more regarding onboard capacity)

15 minutes…

To assemble your Tiwal 2L.


2 bags

Easily transportable, your boat fits in 2 bags, with an all-up weight of 47 kg (103 lbs).

Sailing dinghy capacity

200 kg onboard

Max load onboard:
2 adults, or 1 adult + 2 children
(Learn more regarding onboard capacity)

Time to assemble

15 minutes …

to assemble your Tiwal 2L.

A large sailing dinghy that fits anywhere


A big boat that you can fit anywhere

The two bags containing the Tiwal 2L are easy to transport by car. The size of the bags mean you can still keep part of the trunk for your luggage. You can carry the bags on your own or between two. Your boat can accompany you everywhere on all your trips for maximum fun at your destination!
Tiwal 2L Bags dimensions and weight
  1. Structure
    Manual pump
    Electric pump
  2. Hull
Couple navigating on the Tiwal 2L family sailboat


A great boat for everyone

Whether you’re a couple, with the kids, or single-handing, the Tiwal 2L sailing dinghy adapts to all your sailing options. With a length of 3.30m, it’s really comfortable in most sea conditions, even in waves. The volume of the scow-shaped bow and the wings contribute to the boat’s great handling downwind and its stability when tacking or gybing.

Comfortable Sailing Dinghy


A new standard of comfort and safety

The Tiwal 2L provides sailors with a clear deck for easily moving around on board. The inflatable wings provide both a comfortable seat for adults and reassuring support for children, with handles to hold on to. This family sailing dinghy offers maximum space on board for all sailors to enjoy.

Easy assembly sailing dinghy


Putting it together is child’s play

From opening the bags to getting out on the water, the Tiwal 2L can be assembled in just 15 minutes, with no tools required. First, the hull is inflated to a low pressure with the rechargeable electric pump. The aluminum frame is then fitted to the hull and simply clipped on. All that remains is to add the rig after inflating the boat to high pressure with the manual pump. It’s a game for the whole family! And stowing it away later is just as easy.

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Family Sailboat with great onboard capacity
Design sailing dinghy

Design & manufacture

Innovative concept and premium construction

The Tiwal 2L sailing dinghy was designed by Marion Excoffon to allow your whole family to have fun on the water together, or by yourself. The design of the Tiwal 2 is a clear reflection of this enjoyable and reassuring atmosphere with its bright color and rounded shapes. It promises unforgettable adventures that will bring together sailors young and old. The simplicity of its appearance is made possible by the innovative technology used in its construction. This is a real boat carefully produced in our workshop according to our industrial manufacturing criteria. It is a new class of sailing dinghy.

Technical specs

Mast: carbon C50
4.90m (16′ 1”) – 5 parts

Framework: anodized aluminium

Sail: North Sails Dacron (Dacron, and Monofilm depending on the model)

Blocks: Harken

Norms CE / Sailing category: D

Boat weight (empty): 47 kg (103 lbs)

Maximum load: 200 kg (440 lbs)**
2 adults
(or 1 adult + 2 children)Tiwal 2L family boat onboard capacity

Draught: 75 cm (2' 5")

2 transport bags:
Hull bag: 4' 9" x 16" x 14" / 35 kg
2nd bag : 3' 7"x 16" x 10" / 20 kg

Tiwal 2L hull dimensions

** The standard recommends 2 people of 75 kg (165 lbs) or a person of 75 kg and 2 of 37 kg (82 lbs). As builder we accept the use of the boat with a 75 kg person and 3 people of 25 kg.

Tiwal 2L sails

Sail in all weathers

The 6.60 m² furling sail is a practical sail, suitable for one or two adults sailing in a light to moderate breeze. It rolls up around the mast for easy storage .

The 7 m² sail is a powerful sail, suitable for one or two adults out in a light to moderate breeze.

The 5.20 m² sail is very versatile. It works well for adults sailing in a good breeze, and for the kids in lighter wind conditions.

Lastly, the reefable 7/5.20 m² sail is an all-weather sail, whose area can be adapted to suit the wind strength. If the weather changes, you just need to make a quick stop on the beach to make your optimal sail area.

Tiwal 2L Sails and wind chart
Table given as an indication for a crew of average load

Customer reviews

Tiwal 2L Family Sailboat reivew
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Family sailing dinghy customers review Tiwal 2L
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3 years warranty

We pay particular attention to the construction standards of our boats.
Each manufacturing stage is carefully checked here in our workshops and at our suppliers. We take great pride in the quality of our boats. That’s why all our parts are guaranteed for 3 years in private use. More details

Choose your Tiwal 2L

Tiwal 2L inflatable family sailboat with 71ft² furling sail

Tiwal 2L
& 6.60 m²
Furling Sail

Standard sail, wraps around the mast for storage
(yellow sail with graphic design)

Shipping date: June 26th

Tiwal 2L inflatable family sailboat with 56ft² sail

Tiwal 2L
& 5.20 m²

Multipurpose sail, it works well for adults in moderate to fresh breeze, and kids in various wind conditions.

Shipping date: June 26th

Tiwal 2L inflatable family sailboat with 75ft² sail

Tiwal 2L
& 7 m²

Powerful sail for single or double handed adults, sailing in light to moderate breeze.

Shipping date: June 26th

Tiwal 2L inflatable family sailboat with reefable 75/56ft² sail

Tiwal 2L
& 7/5.20m²
reefable Sail

Versatile, adapts to wind and sailing conditions without changing sail!
(with graphic design)

Shipping date: June 26th

Tiwal 2 transportable sailing dinghy

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