How do you inflate the hull?

Tiwal hulls inflate easily in a couple of minutes.

You need two pumps (both supplied with the boat): one low-pressure electric pump that inflates 80% of the hull in just a few minutes, and a 2nd manual pump to reach the recommended pressure. To check the ideal pressure, just follow the pressure gauge on the pump. 

If you’d rather save all your strength for sailing, be aware you can also purchase our high-pressure electric pump.

Tiwal 2

Put the main compartment into shape with the low-pressure electric pump. Put the central piece in place, before inflating it up to the 11 PSI (0.75 bars) recommended high-pressure with the manual pump.
Then, inflate both wings up to 3 PSI (0.20 bars).

Tiwal 3

Inflate both hull compartments with the low pressure pump. Then; put the central piece and structure in place, before inflating the compartments to the 11 PSI (0.75 bars) recommended high-pressure.