Once inflated, how do I launch a Tiwal?

Launching a Tiwal inflatable dinghy in the water is very simple! You can do it on your own or with someone to help, and with or without a launching dolly.

If you are on your own, and the boat is assembled very close to the water, simply pull it by the webbing handle at the front of the hull. The Tiwal can then be dragged on the beach for a short distance (up to 6 feet) The rear part of the boat is reinforced with rafting boat material. However, be careful not to do this on very sharp surfaces such as coral.

Launching a Tiwal inflatable dinghy is a simple operation, due to the light weight of the inflatable hull.

Carrying the boat

When there are two of you, your Tiwal can be carried by standing on either side of the boat. On the Tiwal 2, the webbing handles on the side floats must be held, and the wings of the metal structure on the Tiwal 3.

It is easier to transport the boat without the sail, and then to add the sail with the mast at the last moment, before setting off.

Bringing Tiwal Sailboat close to the water

Launching with a dolly

If you’re on your own and the boat is a long way from the water, then it would be advisable to use a launching dolly. To put the Tiwal on its trolley by yourself, lift the bow with one hand using the forward webbing handle on the boat and slide the dolly underneath with the other hand. The operation is then repeated 2 or 3 times until the trolley is correctly positioned with the bow of the boat level with the trolley’s metal handle.