Tiwal 3 videos

Sometimes, images talk more than words. Check out the Tiwal 3 videos to get an idea of what it’s capable of!

Tiwal 3 Assembly

Assembly of the inflatable sailing boat Tiwal 3 with Marion EXCOFFON (Tiwal Designer) on board!

Tiwal 3 Surfing in Hawaii

Alex is sailing and surfing his Tiwal 3 inflatable sailing dinghy in Hawaii, Kawela Bay. Cool waves!

Tiwal 3 - Owner's review - Marc

Mark from Baltimore, Maryland. Here’s his review of his Tiwal 3 sailing dinghy a year later.

Tiwal 3 - Owner's review - Jonathan & Desiree

Jonathan and Desiree sail their Tiwal 3 inflatable sailboat in Florida.


Karen sails her Tiwal 3 inflatable sailing dinghy in Maryland.

Tiwal 3 - Owner's review - Julian

Tiwal 3 review of an owner in Alaska.


Jerome riding a Tiwal 3 inflatable sailboat in France, Gulf of Morbihan with a 75 sq.ft sail (7m²).

2018 Tiwal Cup

For the 5th Tiwal Cup, as Matt said, “we had all seasons in one day: wind, rain, lightening, no wind…”

2017 Tiwal Cup

Light wind in the morning, strong conditions in the afternoon, the 4th edition was full of surprises!

Tiwal Assembly Contest

It takes far less than 20 minutes to assemble a Tiwal 3 !

Tiwal 3 - Owner's review - Justin

Justin from Pittsburgh, PA shares his thoughts after a year of sailing on his inflatable sailboat Tiwal 3.

2016 Tiwal Cup

3rd Tiwal Cup, a perfect wind, great sailors from all over the world, a super fun day !

Tiwal 3 - Owner's review - Brian

Jason & Jennifer from Annapolis, Maryland talk about their Tiwal 3 inflatable sailing boat.

Sail with Us on a Tiwal 3

Tiwal 3, the super fun small sailboat for the whole family.

2015 Tiwal Cup

The 2nd Tiwal Cup in the Gulf of Morbihan, a great edition !

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