Tiwal 3 Review – Scott from Ocean City, MD

January 2022 – Scott from Ocean City, MD

I’m Scott Phillips and I’m in Ocean City, Maryland

Which Tiwal model do you have?

I have a Tiwal 3 small sailboat. I have had it for probably about a year.

Where do you sail?

I sail in the ocean. Being in Ocean City, it’s nice because as I look out my window, the ocean is to the left and there’s a big bay to the right, called the Assawoman Bay but I mostly sail in the Atlantic Ocean right off the shore.

Single-handed or double-handed?

I mostly use the Tiwal solo but I have been able to take some friends out and because I’ve only had it for a year there’s probably going to be more opportunities to take more friends this summer. I would say last summer was the first summer that I had the Tiwal so I only had a few occasions to take friends.

How is it going so far?

It’s going terrific! The reason that I really like it is because we have a small condo that’s on the beach without a lot of storage so I can build my Tiwal right on the beachfront and take it out and I really wouldn’t have any other options unless I rented a boat slip and I don’t want to do all that so it’s terrific to have that flexibility.

How do you store your Tiwal?

Mostly I store it in a 1971 VW bus that I own, but over the winter, I do have it here in the condo with me.

Which characteristics did surprise you?

I think that the characteristics that surprised me is the ease to set up, the sturdiness of the boat itself and the way it reacts in the wind in the water.

What is your best memory with your Tiwal?

So far my best memory is when I did take a friend out. A group of five dolphins popped up right near the boat maybe 15 to 20 feet away. It was a calm day, we were moving fairly slow because there was not a ton of wind but the dolphins were also moving very slow and it was really outstanding.

Where would you dream to sail your Tiwal?

Where would I dream to sell my Tiwal? Well I guess in France, maybe the French Riviera or maybe going back to where it comes from.