Tiwal 3 review: Mark from Baltimore, MD

Oct. 2015 – Mark from Baltimore

Mark is an american Tiwal 3 owner from Baltimore. He’s had his pocket yacht for two years now. He paid us a visit at Annapolis Sailboat Show, where he bought his Tiwal 3 two years ago. He shared his experience with us.

Where are you from ?

I’m from Baltimore, Maryland.

And for how long have you had your Tiwal?

I bought my Tiwal two years ago, probably right about this time at the Boat Show.

So how is it going so far?

Fabulous! I love my Tiwal. My Tiwal has been with me twice to the Virgin Islands. It’s been twice to Maine and it’s been once to lake Memphremagog in Vermont. It’s my vacation sailboat. We take it everywhere. We love it!

What’s your best memory with your Tiwal?

Oh oh, absolutely when the first trip to the Virgin Islands, it was just beautiful beautiful weather and wind, and I’ve been down there a few times before and wished I had a sailboat. And to have my own sailboat and be able to take it right off the beach was amazing! We realized that if you break it into three bags, you can fly… you have to adults you can fly for free on Southwest, so we flew for free with the boat to Puerto Rico and then I think I paid $45 to take it on the charter boat plane to Virgin Gorda and had just an amazing time!

So why would you recommend the Tiwal?

I would highly recommend a Tiwal. You really honestly can’t live without a Tiwal. If you like vacationing where there’s water, and if you like sailing, you should never be without a sailboat. And if you buy a Tiwal, you never have to be!