Tiwal 3 review: John from Philadelphia, PA

John from Philadelphia, PA

My name is John. I’m from Philadelphia. I’ve had my Tiwal 3 for about 6 weeks.

Where do you sail?

I sail in fresh water lakes here in easter Pennsylvania mostly, but I’m looking forward to doing some ocean sailing and sailing in the Chesapeake Bay coming here soon.

How do you use your Tiwal?

I have my Tiwal in the back of my car, permanently installed, waiting for good wind days. I check the windy app a couple of times a day to check when the best day is gonna be, and I try to rearrange my schedule to be able to take advantage of good wind on the lakes around here.

Single-handed or double-handed?

So far single-handed solo.

How is it going so far?

It’s going great. I love the boat. It is so practical, yet fast, quick to plane, especially downwind, it screams. It’s really a lot of fun. So I get a lot of pleasure out of it.

And the other interesting thing is that it kind of sparks social connections. The day sailors and cruisers that I come accross are envious. The kiteborders and windsurfers are curious and very encouraging, and really want to know how it works, and want to see it sail and etc.

It’s also been great to make social connections to other Tiwal Captains and to be kind of welcomed in the Tiwal Community.

Which characteristics did surprise you?

The thing that surprised me the most is that in some ways, it sails like a bigger boat. When I look a it, it’s 10 and a half feet long, but when you’re on it, when you’re sailing, it’s a very forgiving boat, but also has very good performance characteristics. So it sails much bigger than it is.

What’s your best memory with your Tiwal?

Best memory… Well I haven’t have a lot of time to make memories so far, but I am looking forward to maybe making a couple of road trips with it, to sail in places that I’ve sailed in the past, just to sort of reanimate little sailing nostalgia, and also as a way to get through these weird times that we’re in.

But yeah, I’m looking forward to doing that.