Tiwal 3 review: Jason from Annapolis, MD

October 2018 – Jason from Annapolis , MD

My name is Jason, I’m from Annapolis.

How long have you had your Tiwal?

I think about three years.

How is it going?

Well… We love the Tiwal! We take it on vacation to beaches, we’re gonna take our Tiwal this fall, we’re gonna pack it up, and put in on our cruising boat, and take it South to Florida. And then we’re gonna probably have our big sailboat, and we’ll have the Tiwal with us in the Bahamas.

What’s your best memory so far with your Tiwal?

The best memory so far with our Tiwal is our kids sailing the Tiwal with us on Lake Erie.

You wanna add something?

I’m Jennifer, I’m from Annapolis, and we sail a Tiwal, and our kids sail with us on it, and they sail by themselves, and the best memory we have is off of Naples, Florida. Our son was sailing by himself on the Tiwal and he saw some dolphins. It was awesome, in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s great!