Tiwal Cup 2022

The Tiwal Cup made a strong comeback in the Gulf of Morbihan on June 4th. 62 Tiwal boats and 87 Captains came to challenge each other around the Gulf islands: the participation for this 7th edition was the highest ever and brought a new world assembly record (in 7 min 46)!
⛵ Sunshine and laughter were the order of the day throughout the 4 rounds, culminating in a dexterity test in the ball pool which delighted participants of all ages. It was a superb day that ended with the traditional prize-giving ceremony and a dinner by the fire, with a lot of sea spray in mind.

The winners of this edition are:

🏆 Tiwal 3 solo: Stéphane Berre (France)
🏆 Tiwal 3 and 2L double: Emmanuel and Louis Theret (France)
🏆 Tiwal 2 solo: François Tregouet (France)
🏆 Tiwal 3 double child : Catherine and Victor Vasnetsov (Puerto Rico)
🏆 Assembly competition: Christophe Druart (France) in 7min 46 sec.

A big thank you to the Société des Régates de Vannes for the superb organisation on the water, as well as to the Club Nautique de Baden and 47 Nautik for hosting the event. Special thanks also to all the volunteers and to Christiane Nevo for immortalising this beautiful day.

We would also like to thank the Baden and Vannes town halls, Michel Gillet, GMVagglomeration, and the restaurant La Charrue.