Tiwal 2 review: Jody from Williamsburg, MA

January 2022 – Jody from Williamsburg, MA

I’m Jody. I live in Williamsburg, Massachusetts.

Which model of Tiwal do you have?

I have the Tiwal 2 sailing dinghy and I’ve had that for two years.

Where do you sail?

We are on a small lake in the Adirondacks. It’s probably only about a half a mile across. It’s not the kind of lake you’re going to get really big winds and that sort of thing. It’s just fun to get out there and relax.

Single handed or double-handed?

I pretty much just use it solo when the mood strikes and the wind is right. I run down to the dock and rig it up, and jump in and go out there and float around for a while.

How is it going so far?

It’s been going great! I’m used to rigging it now, I‘m not an experienced sailor. I’ve kind of got it down now into a routine, where I can all put together. I keep it up on shore when I’m not using it. I can put it together fairly quickly, it’s pretty easy to get together and, you know, get out there and and have some fun!

What’s your best memory with your Tiwal?

Just be just being out there! It’s just so much fun! I haven’t had any huge adventures but it’s just again just really nice to get out there and watch the wind on the water. Try to find where the wind is happening.

Where would you dream to sail with your Tiwal?

There are a lot of lakes in the area that we’re in. I would like to get it out into some larger waters, maybe a bit more consistent wind. Wind does get a little gusty down at the end of the lake where we are. That would be enough for me, I think, test the limits a bit more.