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Pumped for sailing

Boating New Zealand, February 2017

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For Those Addicted to Sailing

Sailing Europe, June 2016

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Michel Desjoyaux tests the Tiwal 3 Inflatable Sailing Dinghy Getaway

Michel Desjoyeaux’s Escapade

The professors gives a shot to Tiwal 3 Sailboat

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Tiwal in Palawan, Philippines

Catamaran Outremer Ilo sails in the Philippines. It has a Tiwal 3 on board.

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Bear Grylls review for Tiwal 3 inflatable sailing dinghy Getaway

Bear Grylls’ Escapade – Man vs Wild

"The whole experience is one of minimum fuss, minimum rigging and maximum fun!"

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Tiwal wins the prestigious Red Dot design award

The inflatable sailing dinghy Tiwal 3 wins the Best of the Best prize at the prestigious international design competition, the Red DotAward.

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Tiwal 3, Boat of the Year

Sailing World, January 2014

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