The new Sporty Tiwal 3R is out!

The Tiwal 3R, our new sport dinghy, is finally here! This is a technical and compact boat for serious sailors. And it still can be taken anywhere, in the back of your car…

Tiwal unveils the Tiwal 3R

The Tiwal 3R is the latest addition to the Tiwal range. Stored in its bags, this new inflatable sailboat can be taken anywhere in the back of the car, offering a compact alternative to traditional sport dinghies. Easy to assemble, it’s on the water in just 25 minutes.

With the launch of the Tiwal 3 ten years ago, Tiwal helped make dinghy sailing available to all. More than 2,000 Tiwals are now sailing in over 50 countries. With the launch of this new racing version, the Tiwal 3R, we now address a more experienced public looking for sensations, performance, technical features and compactness.

Marion, the Boat’s designer says: “It took over 2 years to develop this boat. The timescale can be explained by the enthusiasm of the testers, which made us more and more ambitious! But the constraints and forces induced by the power of the new rig have obliged us to modify the structure and hull quite significantly, as well as the blades. This is a new Tiwal, but one that retains the DNA of all our boats. The Tiwal 3R offers an unprecedented mix of supercharged fun with unmatched practicality.”

A supercharged inflatable sailboat

The mix chosen by the R&D team makes the Tiwal 3R a powerful and sporty sailboat, but also one that’s technically and physically accessible. Emmanuel Bertrand, President and Co-founder: “The Tiwal 3R’s performance is close to that of rigid-hulled sailing dinghies, but it’s easier to use. It planes quickly. Its power allows it to play with the water, ride the waves, and make long runs with fast, consistent speed. It’s a pleasure to get the boat going in the groove and to fine-trim the rig for optimal performance.”

The boat gets its power from the rig. For the sails (77sq ft or 67 sq ft), the R&D team and North Sails went for a laminated fabric from offshore racing. The mast and boom are 90% carbon, contributing to the responsiveness of the boat. All the sail controls return to the helmsman on each side of the boat and offer a great finesse for trimming. The boat is also light, with a total weight of 121 lbs.

The Tiwal 3R’s inflatable hull gives the sailing dinghy an amazing rigidity, with its fusion material in conjunction with the aluminum exoskeleton. The daggerboard and rudder are made in composite material, and highlight the overall rigidity of the boat.

The result? A behavior similar to that of a rigid boat, while keeping its compact functionality for transport. Marion Excoffon: “Close your eyes and you can compare it to a rigid-hulled dinghy. Open them, it fits in 2 bags!”