How to use the mainsheet swivel jammer?

Here are a few recommendations for the use of the mainsheet swivel jammer on a Tiwal 3:

  • Keep the sheet in your hand so that you can release it from the jamming cleat quickly in case of a gust, losing your balance or some unexpected event.
  • If you happen to capsize, remember to release the sheet from the cleat before righting the boat. If the boat has completely overturned, do not go under the boat to release the sheet. You must grab the end of the sheet by extending your arm under the hull.
  • Be careful because the sheet may get caught in the cleat accidentally during a maneuver, either when you’re still ashore, or when you’re afloat.
  • The cleat allows you to sheet in easily, but sometimes too much: the feel of sail trimming is reduced. For example, if your boat has weather-helm or if isn’t going fast enough, you may have over-sheeted the sail. Think about easing the sheet, and also, don’t forget to adjust the sheet as you change course.

The use of this jamming cleat requires experience and a certain level of technical skill.

For safety reasons, we recommend that you don’t let children use this cleat. Also, the same goes for beginners or occasional sailors. The standard fittings on the Tiwal 3 are designed for maximum fun, feel and safety.

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