Tiwal 3R & 7.2 m² Light Wind Sail

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The boat

The Tiwal 3R is a supercharged inflatable sailing dinghy. It offers exceptional gliding sensations thanks to its responsiveness and lightness while remaining very accessible. Its design features the latest technologies used to create a rigid boat with optimal performance.
It fits in two bags and there’s a cover for the sail, and it all fits in the trunk of your car and is assembled in just 25 minutes. The Tiwal 3R guarantees you loads of fun and plenty of oxygen!

The hull

The Tiwal 3R’s inflatable hull comprises 2 watertight compartments. It is made of a double-wall fabric inflated to high pressure. It uses fusion technology which makes it particularly rigid and light. It has a V-shaped hull with a hydrodynamic rail aft.

This high-pressure inflated hull combined with its aluminum exoskeleton forms an ultra-rigid unit that offers performance equivalent to a rigid-hulled boat.

The sail

The sail is designed and built for the Tiwal 3R by North Sails, the world’s leading sailmaker. The Xi V2 laminated fabric is a North Sails product, derived from the world of competitive sailing. This square-topped sail is tri-radial cut and has forced battens for optimal performance in all wind conditions. A large monofilm window offers a downwind view for greater safety.

The “Freeride” 7.2 ft² sail is designed for winds of 8 to 15 knots maximum.

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Parts included in the pack

PVC inflatable hull – Dropstitch – 2 airtight compartments
Aluminium frame, assembled with push-pins and clevis pins
C90 carbon mast – 5 sections
C100 carbon boom – 2 sections
7.2 m² (77 sq. ft.) Xi® and monofilm Sail – North Sails
Rudder and daggerboard – Composite
Rudder head – Die Cast
Stick & extension – Aluminium and foam
Mainsheet swivel jammer – Harken
Blocks set – Harken and Ronstan
Fittings – Clamcleat
Toe strap rope – High-density foam
Rigging – Dyneema and polyester
Rechargeable low-pressure electric pump 12/110V
High-pressure manual pump – 2200cc
Stowage bags
Tiwal 3R assembly Manual Download

Key Specs

Boat weight (empty) 55 kg (121 lbs)
Bags weight (including boats and pumps) Hull: 26 kg (57 lbs)
Structure: 31 kg (68 lbs)
Sail: 6 kg (13 lbs)
Bags dimensions Hull and structure: 145 x 40 x 35 cm
Sail: 1’6 x diam 8′
Draft 75 cm (2′ 5″)
Maximum load 200 kg (440 lbs)
2 adults / 1 adult and 2 kids
Maximum load on wings 110 kg (242 lbs)
2 adults
Inflated hull dimensions 10′ 6″ x 4′ 6″
Hull width (with frame) 5′ 4″


Our boats are manufactured under US Patent No. 9,694,875, CN Patent 103958340, EP 2 768 723