This is to certify that TIWAL SAS, France, guarantees the product(s) indicated to be free from defects in material and workmanship under the conditions and with the limitations specified in this warranty.

This warranty does not apply in countries where a national warranty applies, or in countries where TIWAL is not represented.

In countries where an applicable non restrictable law in any particular respect provides a better right to the customer than provided by this warranty, this warranty is void in that particular respect and the laws applies. All customers are recommended to make themselves acquainted with the basic content of such laws, if any.

TIWAL reserves the right to make changes in the products manufactured and/or sold by TIWAL at any time without prior notice and without incurring any obligation to make the same or similar changes in products previously manufactured or sold.

The warranty period starts on the date of delivery to the first owner/user. Remaining warranty is transferable to sub-sequent owners.

All components or parts replaced or repaired under warranty will receive the remaining warranty of the original part or component. The warranty period is the minimum period which is indicated by applicable nondiscretionary legislation, if such exists. In the event that such legislation does not exist or prescribes a period shorter than the following, the warranty period will be as stated below.

Constructive parts, equipment and accessories:

  • Thirty-six (36) months, conditional on the use of the products, delivered after January 1 st , 2022, exclusively for private and recreational use by the owner, in this respect no commercial use, such as chartering or renting is permissible.
  • Twenty-four (24) months conditional on the use of the products, delivered before January 1st, 2022, for the private use and recreation of the owner, in this respect no commercial use, such as chartering or renting is permissible.
  • The electric pumps are, on the other hand, covered by a 24 month warranty.
  • Twenty-four (24) months conditional on the use of the product for the commercial use such as chartering or renting.

To warrantee submitted hull, aluminium frame, sails, centerboard and rudder will be checked in any case for excessive, false and not the intended purpose appropriate demand before a warranty can be taken up by the buyer.

The warranty covers the cost of replacing defective parts or of having such parts repaired or of obtaining equivalent parts whichever is the lowest. A defective part or product in the sense of this warranty is a part or product that is found to have an inherent defect which exists in it at the time of delivery. Transport costs, taxes and any other cost incurred by the replacement of defective parts – outside of the European Union and the United States – are not covered by this warranty.

All warranty repairs must be carried out by an authorized TIWAL importer or dealer during the normal working hours. This applies abroad as well.

This warranty does not cover parts or products damaged during transportation, installation or repair or through abnormal use, overload, carelessness, insufficient maintenance, normal wear, use of spare parts other than TIWAL parts, or through any type of incorrect installation, abuse, misuse, accident or through neglect or failure to follow instructions in the user manual, maintenance instructions, or installation instructions. The warranty is void if the user has taken abnormal risks or modifications have been performed which in the judgement of TIWAL have caused or enhanced the damage or if the part or product has been used in violation of the law or for a clearly unintended purpose.

The warranty does not refer to damage to the construction, the hulls and/or sails as a result of their combination with engines, or other products not approved by TIWAL.

The warranty does not cover any incidental, consequential or related costs such as costs for travelling, transport, extra costs due to the installation in making the products accessible, docking and cranes, loss of use, loss of income, loss of time, loss of property, personal injury, or damages on other parts or goods than the indicated products delivered by TIWAL.

TIWAL does not authorize anyone to assume for it any other responsibility in connection with the sales of products than expressly described in this warranty information.

As TIWAL does not have any control over the installation, erection or use of its products, we recommend the buyer to check and ensure that the product is installed/erected correctly, and carry out a test of the complete erected TIWAL before taking it into use. The correct installation/erection is an absolute condition for the validity of the limited warranty.

Before leaving the factory all products are thoroughly tested.


As owner of the TIWAL, the operation, maintenance and care of your TIWAL in accordance with the instructions and requirements listed in your user manual and this warranty and service information are your responsibility.

As owner of the TIWAL or one or more accessories it is your responsibility to report any defect in the indicated product in writing to a TIWAL importer, or dealer. Such a report must be made as soon as possible and no later than fourteen (14) days from the date when the user first observed the defect or ought to have observed it and consequently in no case later than fourteen (14) days after the warranty period expired. The report must include at least a brief description of the defect.

The owner is recommended to secure some evidence of the date when the report was made, for example a copy of the letter.

The owner must establish the eligibility of the warranty by showing any necessary documentation.
Technical and measurement changes as well as misprints in graphic or writing reserved.