Tiwal 3R Lightwind upgrade pack


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You have a Tiwal 3 and you want to transform it into a Tiwal 3R?
This upgrade pack contains all the parts allowing you to modify your Tiwal 3 into a Tiwal 3R (see details below).


  • This upgrade pack is adaptable to all Tiwal 3 built from 2015 onwards.
  • This pack does not contain the mainsheet swivel jammer.
  • Since 2020 (models with hull numbers from 1800), the hull of the Tiwal 3 has been made of fusion material which provides additional rigidity to the boat. It is preferable to have this hull technology in order to benefit from the full navigation and performance characteristics of the Tiwal 3R. For previous generation hulls (models with hull numbers below 1800), the upgrade pack can be used but the performance of the boat will not achieve the full capacity of the Tiwal 3R with the fusion technology hull.

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Parts included in the pack

Tri-radial full batten 77 sq ft Xi v2 sail by North Sails
90% carbon mast (5 parts)
90% carbon boom (2 parts)
Reinforced aluminium transom
Reinforced aluminium arms (x2)
Extended aluminium wings (x2)
Bow-shaped brace
Sail control cleats
Block set by Harken and Ronstan
Dyneema and polyester braided lines
Composite daggerboard
Composite rudder