Performance composite daggerboard



Get more out of your Tiwal with the composite daggerboard.

The composite daggerboard is much stiffer, allowing for even better upwind sailing and increased boat power. The propulsion force of the sail is transmitted directly to the boat with increased performance. The shape of the daggerboard with its NACA profile improves the flow of water and reduces drag, all helping to increase the speed of the boat.

The part is manufactured in France by a specialist in this particular technology. It is made of fiberglass, resin and black epoxy gelcoat. At just 3.75 lbs, it is particularly light with a weight saving of about 40% compared to the standard version found on the Tiwal 2, 2L and 3.

A reinforced felt protective cover is supplied with the board.

Shipping date: December 14th, 2022   Details >

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