New Tiwal 3R test prototype

We’ve already told you about the release of the Tiwal 3R. With the current situation, we are behind schedule and have decided to postpone its launch until the fall of 2021. The extra time will allow us to finalize all the details of this new boat. And we still have some work to do 😄. But you should know that the prototypes are sailing very nicely, and that this new version will delight you all!

Few insights to answer some of your questions

The Tiwal 3R version has been developed to allow anyone looking for a more technical, or even sportier boat than the current Tiwal to enjoy themselves yet maintain the same ease of transport and storage. What’s more, current owners will be able to enhance their existing Tiwal and gain a more sporty and technical evolution to accompany them in their progression. It will be possible to upgrade their Tiwal with a Tiwal 3R pack to fit to the hull and structure of their current boat.

Tiwal 3R key points

👉 Fusion hull with track on the trailing edge of the transom ;
👉 2 sail areas – 80 and 66 ft² ;
👉 Carbon mast and boom ;
👉 Profiled composite appendages ;
👉 Longer rudder ;
👉 Seat extension ;
👉 Purchases for vang, cunningham and clew outhaul – with control lines.

The Tiwal 3R is becoming more technical and more powerful

It remains as compact as ever, but it is not so basic! The Tiwal 3 is a “plug and play” sailing dinghy designed to be ultra-simple to set up and use. The Tiwal 3R version is more complex to sail. It allows and requires more adjustments. The Tiwal 3R offers more technical and more physically demanding sailing.

Technical aspects

Retaining the ease of assembly and use that made the Tiwal 3 so successful, the Tiwal 3R does make a few compromises: it incorporates a rig with a traditional boom (in carbon) as well as tensioning blocks for the clew outhaul, the vang and the cunningham. All these control lines are moved aft to be able to operate them while sailing hiked out.
So the Tiwal 3R loses some of its simplicity as the installation and use of these elements requires more technicality and more fittings.
The set-up time is a little longer (around 30 minutes) compared to that of the Tiwal 3 (20 minutes).
Adjusting the rig under way requires a certain level of knowledge and prerequisites to take full advantage of the power provided by these improvements. This new Tiwal 3R is designed for experienced sailors or those who want to improve their technical skills.

Performance aspects

The loose-footed sail with a boom brings more power, and therefore makes the boat more physical to use. You’ll need to hike out sooner than on the classic version. Helming is more demanding and requires dynamic sailing, especially in the maneuvers. With the arrival of a rigid boom, it might be an idea to brush up on your ducking technique 🙂
While the Tiwal 3 is already very efficient because it is stiff, light and well-canvassed, the 3R version gives more sensations in light airs. But it can quickly become physical and technical in surf and a chop. The new Tiwal 3R is even more reactive and faster.

Budget aspects

The Tiwal 3R with all this equipment will be on offer at around $9,500 to $9,900 fully equipped. The price and content of the “booster” pack for the “classic” Tiwal 3 will be specified later, following the launch of the Tiwal 3R.