Bear GRYLLS' Escapade


The whole experience is one of minimum fuss minimum rigging and maximum fun.

It was very windy, and all the main sailing races had been cancelled, but this just seemed tailor-made for me.

The dinghy would be fun to test in these conditions. And it Was ! The TIWAL 3 took off at a rate of knots. The last time I felt such a surge of raw power under sail was with Ellen MacArthur in In her Open 60 yacht Kingfisher. We bore away from the wind in a reach and experienced the surge of adrenaline and power as we just took off.

Now, here I was in the TIWAL 3, and it was amazing ! I bore away too fast from the wind, the nose dipped – and wham – we pitchpoled like a catapult. But once I gured out that I had to really shift the weight back to stop the bow nosing into the waves, it was awesome, skimming and planing across the big sea more like a windsurfer than a sailboat. I loved it.